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  1. University of Newcastle s Chemical Engineering Swot Shop
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The Swot Shop is an open site housing links to academic and technical information and teaching material. Some of the contents are produced by the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, and other, quality, external material has been linked to from the site. Topics included in the course notes, tutorials and supplementary material section include: biotechnology and biochemical engineering; computers and computing; data analysis; fluid mechanics; general chemical engineering; languages; numerical methods and optimisation; process control; process design; process equipment; process measurement and instrumentation; process safety; reactor engineering; separation processes; thermodynamics; and units and measures. There are also links to sites aimed at helping improve study skills and communication skills and about engineering ethics. The Swot Shop site consists of a collection of course notes, tutorials and supplementary material. This is a large resource containing and linking to material which has been produced to impart knowledge in a variety of ways. Much of the material produced at the University of Newcastle itself consists of lecture notes and handouts. ...
Quality Learning and Teaching Resources for Engineering 

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